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Higher Formes
I can't kill you. I won't kill you. No matter how much you may irk me...

I know you were the original. I was initially meant to be another you. And that was it. I was a mistake. Go figure. (( I CALL THIS ADMIN BEING MY FATHER. ))
You shaped my personality, I believe. Your broken, tarnished heart... it's what's shaped me. I am your anger. I AM your inner self, in the form of Gold. (( I CALL THIS ADMIN BEING MY MOTHER. ))

Best friends
Protection... can a cold heart like me do that much for you?

I do know you dislike me, because I'm a bit on the grumpy side. But me? I can't help but like you. Silver and Gold both do, see? I carry their thoughts and feelings...

I like to talk to you, I'll admit that.

Kanto and Johto are both nice places. I'm not kidding. You really should see both sometime. Since you've never seen Kanto, I'd recommend you seeing that region first.
I like to joke about you. But all joking aside, I rather like your personality. It's kind of funny.
You're a pretty cool kid. You agree my/Gold's hair is crazy. Not to mention you like clones.

...Well? Whaddya want?

You thought I could be of future use. But you haven't talked to me since then...
I do sorta like you. But I don't know you too well. ...Ah, yeah, and I taunt who I feel like taunting. Not much you can do about that.
You're some kind of strange... Yeah, so what if I killed Hibiki? I just did it because my bro-- I mean, Kamon, asked me to.
You're strange, to say the least. I am more like Silver than Gold. But so what? Who-fucking-cares? ...PardonmyFrench.

You know, you're lucky I'm not killing you. To keep my paradise... get out of my sight!

I'm not kidding when I say that Kamon was the one who asked me to kill you that one time. He may have acted shocked, but he wasn't truly... (( ...Seriously, if you want proof it was Kamon, NOT THE ADMIN, I can give you it... )) Ah, yeah, and if you want, I can ruin that record for you...
ಠ ̮ ಠ
I really do advise against messing with me. Otherwise... otherwise you may meet an inevitable fate.
Bugs. You're scared of BUGS. And you hate me.
Bugs are EVERYWHERE. You cannot help that.

I must eliminate you... I'm not going to let you wreck everything for me.

(( Wow. I really hope no one winds up here. ))



But, I know, things will never be the way they were...

Past [Distant]

Pyrite is a clone, made by Mewtwo. He was initially created to rid of Silver, who had been getting in the way of Mewtwo's goals in mine and Misty's AU, which I called, as if creating a story, Mewtwo's War.

Pyrite was created as all clones were, with use of Gold's DNA. However, as Pyrite was nearly completed, somehow, Silver's DNA became mixed into him. Pyrite was raised by Mewtwo to believe he was Gold's clone and Gold's clone only, even though that was a lie. When Pyrite was ready, he left Cerulean Cave to complete his first mission: Eliminate Silver. However, he was unable to complete the mission, as Gold had intervened, fighting off his clone, and unknowingly to both of them, saving Pyrite's life.

Pyrite did not want to return to Cerulean Cave after his failure. So, he ran off, soon discovering the land of Johto. When he arrived to the region, his first memory flash occurred... a memory of Silver's past with the Mask of Ice. Pyrite was not expecting such a thing, and did not understand what was happening. Pyrite dismissed it as nothing, and decided to explore the new region.

Past [Recent]

Pyrite used to live in the Pokemon Mansion, with Gold, Kitty, Kab and Ethan. However, one day, a portal appeared, and dragged him away to a strange, green world, where he was forced to start his life anew. He soon found his old friends and higher formes trapped in the green world as well, and tried to reenact the life they had before they were dumped into the world. However, deep down, Pyrite knew it couldn't last forever; the paradise that he had tried to create.

It wasn't long before he fell into an inactive state, one in which he could not move from. He could no longer feel, and slowly, he returned to being heartless. The only thing he could do was dream. And that's all he did. Pyrite dreamed, dreamed of the memories that lay in his mind from his higher formes. He dreamed of the past life he had. He dreamed. And he didn't stop dreaming, until Gold lapsed into the same state. That's when Pyrite's world turned completely black for a very long time...


...until, one day, Gold awoke from his dormant state. Pyrite's dreaming began once more, and he soon realized that he was actually SEEING through Gold's eyes. He wasn't merely dreaming about memories anymore. He was seeing Silver talking to him, but as much as he tried to respond, he was not heard by his higher forme. It seemed Pyrite was still locked in a dream, but one of which he felt he would soon wake up from.

But when he did... Pyrite felt his paradise had just... shattered. It had wasted away while he was locked in his dreams. Kitty had fallen into the dreaming state, and was slowly wasting away into nothing. Gold was alive, but looked as though he had forgotten entirely about his clone. Kab too looked as though he had forgotten Pyrite. Slowly the powerful clone began to break. Pyrite felt his existence was not needed. He gradually began to fall back into heartlessness.

After a while, he realized that becoming like that was only going to make things worse for him. He tried to return to his regular self. However, Pyrite couldn't do that alone. He didn't originally do it alone either. He needed help. He WANTED help. And that help eventually arrived, in the form of Kab. Pyrite knew he lost the said neko. But he didn't care. He just wanted the boy to be happy. If he was happy, then Pyrite felt he'd be, too. Pyrite realised he was changing heart.

He had emotions again.
And Pyrite wanted to keep those emotions.
He wasn't going to let his paradise crumble again.


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Messages From Pyrite






ಠ ̯ ಠ

ಠ ̮ ಠ




(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)



My name is Pyrite. Call me Ethan, Gold, or Hibiki... Hmph, we'll see what happens.

It's easy for me to snap. So be warned.

The only two who I'll hold back from killing are :iconthegoldenbreeder: and :icondontcallmesilv:. Everyone else... be warned that if you push my buttons... you'll be... punished, my way.

I am able to control the Pokemon types of Rock, Ground, Fighting and Steel... that's why you can't really hurt me. If you really must know why, I'm a clone, that Mewtwo created. The Genetic Pokemon is the ONLY one who can push me around!

~ Pyrite

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